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Online dating: Pastor gives two theories why stigma still exists

Five years ago, online dating was still considered taboo, but now online dating has become a societal norm and the Christian community is no exception. Christian singles are flocking to Christian dating sites such as (which just hit its 10 millionth membermark), to find a potential soul mate who shares the same faith and […]

Is it better to couple up with a man who’s already been married?

While unmarried men over the age of, say, 40, aren’t looked upon with pity — as some single women archaically still are — maybe they should be, suggests a report from WABC in New York on Thursday. According to the local station, men who’ve avoided settling down may be less desirable to women than those who have […]

Parallel Dating: A phenomenon!

Having recently downgraded my relationship status to “single” again (or is that an upgrade?), I was enticed into joining an on-line singles network that I saw advertised on Facebook.  As with all “free” dating sites, they allow you to set up a profile for free, uploading photographs and setting your personal preferences and the like, […]

Dating while fat and feminist

In a piece that’s as self-reflective as it is brutally honest about mainstream beauty standards, a writer at the Crunk Feminist Collective grapples with the idea of losing weight to increase her dating options. And she asks readers to spare her the condescending lectures and armchair therapy about her point of view, as “un-feminist” as […]

My hiatus from online dating sadly, and thankfully, comes to an end

I have not had a date in two weeks.  One crazy date too many put me over the edge, and I had to walk away from it all.  I simply could not handle going out on another nightmare.  I knew I hit the wall when a man contacted me online and his email made me sick.  […]

Too many fish in the sea?

Online dating allows us to access pools of singles any time, anywhere. With an abundance of singles and this instantaneous approach to dating, we can pick and choose who we want to date at the click of a button or a tap of a mobile phone screen. Similar to that of the jam test, all […]

Dating after divorce – do we need tough love?

Since my divorce I have tried a number of methods to try to date again, including online dating and speed dating. I recently got the following via email…I won’t mention the company who sent it. I have edited it for length, but the general premise is still there. Ever gone on a date that you […]

Why Google+ is better

So anyone who isn’t completely obsessed with Google products seems to be  asking, why Google+ is better than the other social networking sites? The first  thing that most users notice when trying out Google+ is how smooth it seems to  work. There isn’t any extra garbage on any of the pages (such as games, ads,  […]

Is internet dating destroying love?

Columnist John Walters recently wrote an article (Alternet July 27, 2011) about internet dating and how it distorts human relationships. He argues that online dating has become a business instead of face to face conversations He does have a point. I can remember back in the 90s when we thought of people who used personal […]

Online dating is eroding humanity

The internet is changing the way society communicates, processes information and knowledge, and configures its relationship towards authority. Some of these developments are exciting and challenging, but in one particular sense the internet poses a fundamental challenge to the way humans interact. The following criticism and concern regarding online dating is not at all intended […]