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To pay, or not to pay, is the dating question

Shakespeare wrote that “The course of true love never did run smooth,” although he never thought to add “but that doth not allowest ye to swipe thy date’s cellphone.” Once a month I tackle the vexing questions of financial etiquette in a feature I now like to call “Cents and Sensibility” (mostly because the old […]

Understanding the opposite sex

If it’s true that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and the results of our recent survey, 10 things you want your man or woman to know, are anything to go by, then any day now that little Curiosity robot scooting around the red planet will stumble upon a giant pub. The […]

Modern dating requires skills just to get thrills

Dating used to be simple. Someone asked you. You said yes. You went bowling. Had some cheese sticks. You know, old school. But now you have to have skills, and prove that you have them, not that I’ve thrown myself into this pond. I’ve just noticed that dating seems to have changed. Like Napoleon Dynamite […]

Dating chart depicts blogger’s hellish dating cycle

For singletons of the fairer sex, sometimes online dating can closely resemble a hellish merry-go-round where one sifts through batches of duds disguised as studs and armed with equally bad grammar and breath. The ups; the downs. The fleeting moments of connection with a prospective suitor; the avoidance of that awkward kiss goodbye. Then for a moment, […]

How I was nearly seduced by Grouper, the biggest sham in online dating

A month ago, I was approached by Jerry Guo, ostensible Silicon Alley wunderkind who’d turned $400 in transit money into Grouper, a profitable dating startup. He guaranteed me a great time with “3 real girls.” Update: Guo apologizes (sorta) The whole site’s a lie. I was interested in the idea of a group date, even […]

The online love lotto

It’s easy to believe that all the good ones are taken when you’re a single 30-something woman living in the city. More so if you live in a small coastal town, full of cashed-up tradies, retired miners and shiny, happy couples pushing strollers. The miners are there and the leather-skinned surfers, too, when I meet […]

Sex and dating

Instead of talking about real-world dating, this sex and dating article is going to center on something that most likely goes back to the majority of students’ childhoods: Disney Princesses and their “Charmings.”  Girls and boys are indoctrinated from a young age not to be successful, independent people, but to do really stupid things to […]

How your online dating photo should look

Obvious observation number one: Judging by the high response rate of our last two columns on online dating, it sure seems like a lot of you out there are looking for love. Obvious observation number two: Regardless of whether you agree with our advice, tons of you still have a lot of burning, itching questions […]

Ten geeky things to do on your first date

Here at GeekTech, we’re unabashed geeks (as our blog’s name suggests). We obsess over gadgetry, we enjoy various nerdy eats, we write about kitteh hacks, and we randomly quote sci-fi movies in casual conversation. And yes, some of us even play Magic: The Gathering. So when Gizmodo’s Alyssa Bereznek wrote unfavorably about her experience dating […]

Online dating? Why no one wants you

If you’re young, urban and didn’t import a significant other from college, it’s pretty likely that you’re on an online dating site. Let’s just admit that right now. Online dating doesn’t make you a creepy loser. Your collection of taxidermied frogs does. Moving on … Tons of folks are hooking up with future life partners […]