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The new rules for dating: Stop looking for love

This story might be one to add to the realm of urban legend: a friend of a friend was a little down on her luck with love and money. In an effort to troubleshoot the easiest issue first, my friend suggested, “Maybe you can get a job as a nanny,” to which Debbie Downer responded, […]

Dating: The survival handbook

When it comes to dating and sex, there are so many worst-case scenarios. The wedding that needs to be broken up. The passed-out date who must be carried somewhere. The minefield that one encounters while living with an ex. Sadly, many of us have been there. Luckily, we have David Borgenicht. He has written “The […]

Boundaries in dating: How healthy choices grow healthy relationships

Dating can be fun, but it’s not easy. Meeting people is just one concern. Once you’ve met someone, then what? What do you build? Nothing, a simple friendship, or more? How do you set smart limits on physical involvement? Financial involvement? Individual responsibilities? Respected counselors, popular radio hosts, and best-selling authors Henry Cloud and John […]

Middle-aged dating advice from a babe magnet

Middle-aged men in search of a new life partner may need to drop the red Corvette and learn how to be better listeners. When it comes to post 50 dating, the one big thing they have going for them is that the gender odds are in their favor. But numbers aside, many men who re-enter […]

Interracial relationships: Is a book called ‘Swirling’ really necessary?

Many believe that the term “swirling” came about after Kim Kardashian began dating black athletes/celebrities and gossip blogs made the term popular. Swirling basically speaks on an ice cream that is vanilla and chocolate in a cone. Kardashian and her sister Khloe have been with African Americans like Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Kanye West and […]

Thirteen totally bizarre dating books

Dating isn’t easy, that’s for sure. Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of books out there to help you through it. However, not all dating books are created equal. The majority are well-informed, sure, but some of them are just plain confusing. We collected the 13 weirdest dating books we could find, all the while shuddering […]

Is internet dating a viable option for singles age 50 to 80?

For age 50-plus singles, to achieve success in dating takes a huge commitment of time and effort. Internet dating should be just one aspect of a single’s quest to find a mate. One needs a thick skin to deal with the rejection, rudeness, cheaters, liars, scammers and people with malicious intentions. And yet, many older […]

The Shy Guy’s Guide for Talking to Girls: How to Turn Yourself into a Smooth Talker

Bobby Rio, author and founder of the popular men’s interest and dating advice site TSB Magazine, recently released an ebook that offers advice to introverted guys who lack the confidence and know-how to approach attractive women. The Shy Guy’s Guide for Talking to Girls: How to Turn Yourself into a Smooth Talker was first published […]

Chinese brides and ‘Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed’ guide re-released

Dating or marrying a Chinese Bride? Well, make sure to read this first. Chinese culture has existed for four to five thousand years, and so it’s pretty complex; it’s also heavily influenced by Confucianism. This has affected almost every aspect of Chinese culture, including dating and marriage. This is why Sam Reeves has just re-released […]

Top five mistakes women make while dating

Dr.  Ken Ryan thinks online dating is somewhat of an oxymoron. “The term ‘online dating’ itself is deceptive,” said Ryan, author of “Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads: How to Find a Quality Guy Without Getting Your Heart Shredded” ( ).  “You don’t ‘date’ online.  You meet online, but the dating that […]