New mobile dating site for people with herpes is a newly launched mobile dating site for people with herpes. The dating app is powered by STD Dating Site Positive Singles and shares the large membership base of is the first and largest online dating site for people with herpes, STD, and HIV. Since its launch on Aug. 8th, 2002, it has become the leading STD dating site in the world with traffic rank 13,171 in the US. According to, there are more female members than male members in the community and most of its members are age 45 to 54 or over 65. 56.1% of its members live in the United States. 10.8% of its members are from Canada. 6.4% of its members come from Australia and 5% are from United Kingdom.

Now shares membership base with so new members won’t be afraid that there is no one to connect on although it’s a new dating app. More and more singles are using portable devices for online dating that’s why Positive Singles launches With this app, singles can get connected anytime and everywhere.

The app is very easy to use. It has very neat and simple interface and loading is fast. Members can use their mobiles to post and update their dating profiles, browse new members and online members, search local members, have instant online chat, take and upload photos, send greeting cards and emails, and more.

As a STD dating site, the site takes users’ privacy the utmost importance. How does the site protect users’ privacy?

  1. Ensure users’ profiles will not be available to certain members.
  2. Block search engines and non-logged in members from seeing members’ profiles.
  3. Allow members to discretely store their photos and only share with those they chose to. 4.    All personal information remains private and confidential.

The site is dedicated to supporting people with herpes, STD, and HIV. There are more than 500 STD treatment stories, 800+ STD Q&A, and 800+ STD care locations posted on the site. is not only a dating app, but also a large support group for people with herpes, STD, and HIV.

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