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Dating coach reveals where you should really go to pick up women

A dating coach has revealed where men should really go to pick up women.  I will say that Bed Bath and Beyond is highly underrated,” the coach, a 32-year-old Hollywood resident, said in a Q&A on The man said he worked with clients on “pick-up arts,” which help men seem more appealing to the […]

Dating goes the way of the app

Writer Jean Tang’s next date might be closer than she realizes — in her pocket. Tang and thousands of other New Yorkers are turning to mobile dating apps on their smartphones to find nearby matches. The mobile dating industry is growing rapidly, and is expected to be worth $2.3 billion by 2016, according to Juniper […]

The new high-tech dating technology? Meet in a bar

Online dating services have long promised to help people find a mate by using statistical science to predict personal chemistry. But some of the biggest services are now adding a retro twist. Several sites are bringing people together the old-fashioned way, with singles parties where people can crowd together at bars while consuming alcohol and […]

Five mistakes women make when dating after divorce

You just nibbled through an entire bar of dark chocolate. Your divorce papers are finally signed. You are 55, single and thinking about dating. The last time you had a first date, you wore jackets with shoulder pads and permed your hair. You are “out there” again, and the dating world has changed a lot […]

Dating Tip: Don’t compromise your own happiness!

Taking the next steps in any sort of relationship is downright frightful, and I’ll be the first to admit, I was scared. Here’s how the next portion of my budding “relationship” played out. Dating tip: Never get so tipsy on the first date that you spill every personal detail about yourself that should have been […]

Understanding the opposite sex

If it’s true that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and the results of our recent survey, 10 things you want your man or woman to know, are anything to go by, then any day now that little Curiosity robot scooting around the red planet will stumble upon a giant pub. The […]

Modern dating requires skills just to get thrills

Dating used to be simple. Someone asked you. You said yes. You went bowling. Had some cheese sticks. You know, old school. But now you have to have skills, and prove that you have them, not that I’ve thrown myself into this pond. I’ve just noticed that dating seems to have changed. Like Napoleon Dynamite […]

Age is no bar in dating

Ever since Anne Bancroft seemingly raised her jawdroppingly taut leg as Mrs Robinson in the brilliant coming of age flick The Graduate, the older woman syndrome has caught the fancy of almost every other man. And when men like Richard Gere and George Clooney make women weak in the knees as they age, one can’t […]

Dating over 40: Post-divorce midlife dating – how bad can it really be?

Post-divorce, dating over 40. Does the idea give you a stomach ache; inspire panic, fear, self-and-other-loathing and dread? Why? I’m here to tell you it should inspire the opposite: joy, optimism, relief, curiosity, the tingly youthful enthusiasm of possibilities. Don’t roll your eyes, ladies. It’s all in how we look at it. Our midlife-dating -power-glass […]