Top four tips for surviving a blind date

Blind Dates are usually set up by your colleagues or friends who really worry for your singlehood. Most people consider them a pain because, not only do you not know the person, but the reputation of your friend/colleague depends largely on how the date goes.

Don’t worry! Blind dates can be a breeze if you know some golden mantras. David Deangelo’s Double Your Dating is a popular book gaining huge popularity among men nowadays for its elaborate help on dating issues. Anyway, for now if you’re looking for some quick fixes, the following tips might actually help you have a lot of fun on your blind dates:

  1. Meet Once Before The Actual Date – Meeting a person for the first time, especially on a date can be a nervous affair. To avoid an uncomfortable date full of long pauses and awkward attempts at flirting, arrange a meeting with the person and ask you friend/colleague to act as a buffer. Choose a familiar spot where you all can hang out and chat with each other so that you know each other well before you set out to date. This will also give you a few pointers on whether the person is your type or not.
  2. Try To Keep It Simple – For a blind date, the best tip is to not go overboard with the planning and location. Since you two barely know each other, it is best that the place you choose is a simple bar or a club where you can share a drink and get to talk about each other. Don’t plan an expensive an extravagant date for a person you don’t even know because not only will it burn a hole in your pocket but it will make you come out as someone who is desperate. Simplicity is the magic rule.
  3. Don’t Pretend – People who lie on dates, especially on a blind date tend to suffer because they tend to get a bad reputation when the lie comes back at them. Remember that the person you are dating is a friend of your colleague/friend and things can turn awkward if your lie is caught. Be confident of your credentials and remember the rule – if someone doesn’t like you, lying would just add one more thing to their list.
  4. Always Have An Escape Plan – Always be realistic when you are on a blind date – things don’t always work out. Have an escape plan; tell him that you will be catching up with some friends for drinks a few hours after your date. If things get bad, you can always leave but if they turn out well, you can always say that you’d rather be with them because you are having more fun.

Apart from the above tips, be confident and make eye contact. Compliment them and try to be who you are. If they like you, it’ll be easy to plan a second date.

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  2. Excellent Tips!!!

    I like the part where you say to be honest and leave the date early if your not enjoying it.

  3. Just act naturally will be good enough since both the boy and girl knew up front that they are looking for a relationship at the moment

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