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Social dating sites and prohibitions on sex offenders

Back in the day, couples would meet at family gatherings, parties, bars or church outings. Today, in an age of electronic connectivity, old-fashioned courtship can seem quaint. Like so much else, dating has gone digital, and more and more people are turning to online dating sites to find love — often successfully. Of course, the […]

Dating chart depicts blogger’s hellish dating cycle

For singletons of the fairer sex, sometimes online dating can closely resemble a hellish merry-go-round where one sifts through batches of duds disguised as studs and armed with equally bad grammar and breath. The ups; the downs. The fleeting moments of connection with a prospective suitor; the avoidance of that awkward kiss goodbye. Then for a moment, […]

Three ways women fail at dating

On a recent episode of the weekly dating advice show Planet Love Match Radio, author and love stylist Tristan Coopersmith examined three of the most common mistakes single women make in their love lives. Coopersmith explained that the dating traps women fall into are: being unrealistic, sharing too much information too soon, and “fast-forward” dating. Setting lofty, unrealistic goals […]

Is it better to couple up with a man who’s already been married?

While unmarried men over the age of, say, 40, aren’t looked upon with pity — as some single women archaically still are — maybe they should be, suggests a report from WABC in New York on Thursday. According to the local station, men who’ve avoided settling down may be less desirable to women than those who have […]

Turn your favorite music into a dating profile

On Spotify, you can find music by Loverboy, or you can find a lover boy by music.  The popular music streaming service has released two new apps that assist not with music discovery but with people discovery. The apps, fellody and Tastebuds, both work similarly: After you sign in with Facebook or with a unique […]

Parallel Dating: A phenomenon!

Having recently downgraded my relationship status to “single” again (or is that an upgrade?), I was enticed into joining an on-line singles network that I saw advertised on Facebook.  As with all “free” dating sites, they allow you to set up a profile for free, uploading photographs and setting your personal preferences and the like, […]

Dating advice: What to do if you’re stuck in a ‘flirtationship’

It starts out innocently enough, doesn’t it? A coy smile here. A wink there. A cup of coffee and a hug that’s kept going for just a second too long. No, this isn’t a Friday night date with that cutie from class. It’s your friend. We’ve all had those fun, flirty first date feelings: those […]

Dangerous dating

Lisa found herself in a situation that experts say should have ended with domestic violence or worse. Instead, she did what few do: she got out.  When her boyfriend texted, Lisa had to answer within five minutes. She dressed in ratty sweats, so other boys wouldn’t show interest in her. Lisa couldn’t go out with […]

Dating without fear

Four years ago, the guy I was seeing — JJ, my best friend in the world — committed suicide. Rather than deal with the loss, I did what I do best, and I immediately jumped into a new relationship. That relationship ended in disaster when I caught him cheating on me with not one but […]

Dating for the present or the future

It seems like college relationships have become a rarity. Relationships often involve sacrifice and a large time commitment, so many replace the efforts with less committed affairs. Many students look to date for the future. Sacrificing the freedom of the single life often means students have found someone that has future potential. Some prefer to […]