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How to pick up women: Six things men should never say

Knowing what to say to women along with knowing what to avoid saying can make all the difference in how to pick up women. It’s not rocket science, but it is surprising how many men ruin their chances by saying the wrong things, Carlos Xuma says in a recent report. Often, men write to Xuma […]

Three points men must focus on to meet women

There are concrete traits and characteristics that women find attractive and that matter much more than factors like how much money a man has, how handsome he is and what kind of car he drives, Carlos Xuma says in a recent report on how to attract women. In a new report, Xuma reveals that when […]

Website prevents scams and fraud with safer dating platform

We’ve all heard of Nigerian dating scams or scammers prowling websites for desperate singles looking for love. Today the faithful mates dating community announced the newest min fraud technology to prevent these hackers from joining their community. Millions of people receive emails claiming to be sent by a “Nigerian Authority” offering millions of dollars to […] launches free Facebook dating app has launched its first Facebook dating app as it looks to maintain its position at the top of the UK paid-for dating market, against growing competition from rivals. The app, dubbed Matchlist, allows Facebook members to register with the site for free and find potential partners in their area. Users can also make a […]

Interracial dating website launches online dating tips magazine

Ownbla has recently launched an online dating tips magazine. The magazine mainly focuses on relationship and dating advice, including topics on sex for singles and couples. To keep the fire burning in the magazine, Ownbla also dishes out celebrity and entertainment news here and there. The magazine uses a blog/magazine theme to show off their […]

Pitfalls of girls dating older men

Many young girls think it is good to date older men. But what they are not aware of is that these men just want to sleep with them and vanish after fulfilling their lust – leaving them with not only broken hearts but sexually transmitted diseases. Being poor does not imply that you must sleep […]

Online dating matures: Five new sites that will get you lucky

Watch your back,! The Internet has solved everything from dinner reservations to apartment hunting. Now a new wave of innovative companies promising to solve your dating 2.0 needs. And with packed schedules and never enough time, smart singles are embracing online dating, said Laurie Davis, Founder and CEO of eFlirtexpert, an online date coaching […]

Ugly women cannot get dates online

It is generally accepted knowledge that physically attractive people get more out of life and are more successful romantically and financially, according to Daniel S. Hamermesh, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. The new LatinEuro dating survey of who get responses and who does not makes this assumption an understatement. Women who are […]

High school class offers lessons in safe dating

In today’s fast-paced society dating can get complicated, especially for teenagers. That’s why Indianola High School is offering a free safe dating class to teach students safe dating practices and how to create healthy relationships. “We’ve had a lot of kids come to it, it’s a co-ed class, predominately girls attend, but we have some […]

Chinese brides and ‘Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed’ guide re-released

Dating or marrying a Chinese Bride? Well, make sure to read this first. Chinese culture has existed for four to five thousand years, and so it’s pretty complex; it’s also heavily influenced by Confucianism. This has affected almost every aspect of Chinese culture, including dating and marriage. This is why Sam Reeves has just re-released […]