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Five sure-fire dating tips for frog-kissing boomers

Dating can feel like a contact sport with the bruises on the inside, and it’s an activity few boomers relish. With each mismatch, the pain takes longer to heal and there’s less margin for error. Here’s how you can avoid wasting time kissing frogs and hone in on your perfect boomer partner. As a single, […]

Your smartphone is your wingman: Best dating apps

Single and ready to mingle? Let your smartphone be your wingman in your dating pursuits. Here are a few apps to help connect you to singles in your area, scope out the perfect date spot, and — just as a precaution, of course — give you an excuse to end a date early. SmartDating: Find […]

How I was nearly seduced by Grouper, the biggest sham in online dating

A month ago, I was approached by Jerry Guo, ostensible Silicon Alley wunderkind who’d turned $400 in transit money into Grouper, a profitable dating startup. He guaranteed me a great time with “3 real girls.” Update: Guo apologizes (sorta) The whole site’s a lie. I was interested in the idea of a group date, even […]

New dating site finds your soul mate using numerology

It might sound tricky or mysterious but it’s really not. The new dating site relies on your unique numerology profile to match you with that perfect someone. “This is the closest you can get to finding a genuine connection because our answers are based on who you really are, not responses to questions that […]

Facebook Dating: The ultimate way to find a life partner

Yangutu team, always boasting their innovative and cutting edge ventures, once again blows its competitors and wins the appreciation of users with the new exciting app Facebook Dating. Why searching for friendship and love among people you don’t know, if there are plenty of attractive and interesting people among the friends of your Facebook contacts? […]

Revive her drive

Personal Life Media, along with a dozen leading specialists, offers a new, breakthrough program exclusively for men in long-term relationships who need to rekindle their sexual connection with their partner. As the primal lust of a new relationship naturally wanes, most men become sexually dissatisfied. This lack of intimacy can drive a wedge of frustration […]

Teen drinking habits: Is dating part of the blame?

The drinking habits of a romantic partner’s friend are more likely to impact an adolescent’s future than the behaviors of the adolescent’s own friends or significant other, according to this study. “Dating someone whose friends are big drinkers is more likely to cause an adolescent to engage in dangerous drinking behaviors than are the drinking […]

Five signs that a role reversal relationship could be right for you

Powerful, accomplished women intimidate some men, but fascinate others. If you are a feisty, take-charge kind of gal, you’ve probably had your share of problems with men and wonder if you’ll ever find Mr. Right. You don’t want a wimp who won’t stand up for himself (and you!) but you don’t want a man who insists […]

‘Vegetarian’ dating site pulled off the menu

It sounded like the ideal destination for single vegetarians hungry for romance. Dating website promised to help people “find your veggie dates” and “meet single vegetarian men and women looking for love in the UK”. But the site has been forced to turn over a new leaf by the advertising watchdog after it admitted […]

Singles looking for love in all the right places

The proliferation of online dating services does not necessarily mean single people are meeting the right people. If you’re looking for that special someone, look no further than the Singles Supper Club. The club has been around for more than 20 years, but last year it was acquired by Laura Lane, who has taken on […]